Repairs & Services

COVID-19 Update:

During these difficult times we are now accepting client repairs on a provisional basis. Drop offs and collections are socially distanced and always outdoors. We ask that the instrument has not been played/taken out of the case for at least 48hrs and that if you have any symptoms that you do not visit at all.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Purchases of Accessories are still ongoing and feel free to get in touch regarding instrument orders.

-Robinson Brass

  • General soldering

  • Full strip/clean/Inspection

  • Hand Polishing (Silver);





  • Dent work, Slide/bow

  • Stuck slide removal

  • Replacement;

     -Pinky Hook/ring

     -Slide saddle/ring


  • Red Rot leadpipe replacements

  • Custom bracing

  • Plate bracing

  • Adjustable gap receiver Trumpet

  • Minibal conversion for older rotary instruments

  • Adding slide triggers

  • Repair/Plating mouthpieces & general silver parts.

£8 (from)






£25 (from)





-There is no charge for the general inspection of an instrument prior to any repair, nor any obligation once a quote is given.


-All repairs are different and therefore the prices shown are a general indication only.

Multiple repairs are often bundled and are cheaper at the shop hourly rate.


-Replacement parts or replication of parts no longer available are priced individually.

-Mouthpiece cleaning is included when instruments are cleaned.

  • Small to large shank Tuba mouthpiece receiver replacement

  • Various Custom Alterations

  • Custom finger button inlay

Please contact us with your requirments to discuss repairs and servicing of your instrument