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Repairs & Services

Prices subject to change, for reference only. Please get in touch! (Updated Sept. 2023)

Please contact us with your requirments to discuss repairs and servicing of your instrument

-Servicing includes;

Disassembly, removing stuck slides/valves/caps, chemical cleaning, new felts, springs, corks where needed, reassembly, polish (if silver) and play test.

It also includes cleaning/polish of your mouthpiece.

Price dependent on instrument. Please note there may be additional charges for excessively stuck parts which require more advanced repair.


-Replacement parts or replication of parts no longer available are priced individually.

Repairs & Services

Mouthpieces / Replating

Custom / Other

Replating other smaller parts in Silver/Gold are priced individually on request.

(E.g. Caps, buttons, screws, slides, waterkeys, etc)

Bach Strad post-leadpipe replacement
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