Repairs & Services

  • General soldering

  • Full strip/clean/Inspection

  • Hand Polishing (Silver);





  • Dent work, Slide/bow

  • Stuck slide removal

  • Replacement;

     -Pinky Hook/ring

     -Slide saddle/ring


  • Red Rot leadpipe replacements

  • Custom bracing

  • Plate bracing

  • Adjustable gap receiver Trumpet

  • Minibal conversion for older rotary instruments

  • Adding slide triggers

  • Repair/Plating mouthpieces & general silver parts.

£10 (from)

£60 (from)





£25 (from)





-There is no charge for the general inspection of an instrument prior to any repair, nor any obligation once a quote is given.


-All repairs are different and therefore the prices shown are a general indication only.

Multiple repairs are often bundled and are cheaper at the shop hourly rate.


-Replacement parts or replication of parts no longer available are priced individually.

-Mouthpiece cleaning is included when instruments are cleaned.

  • Small to large shank Tuba mouthpiece receiver replacement

  • Various Custom Alterations

  • Custom finger button inlay

  • Mouthpiece Screw-Rim Conversion         £35/part

  • Mouthpiece alerations

    (See "Mouthpieces" page for more info)

Please contact us with your requirments to discuss repairs and servicing of your instrument