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Historic Design Mouthpieces

historic antique cornet mouthpiece blank form custom made in england
coming soon mpcs 2.jpg

If you play a historic instrument, but find period mouthpieces unsuitable, we can produce a mouthpiece with various cup/backbore/throat/rim designs with a typical 'Blank' which, from the outside, looks to be period but with the benefit of being a much more comfortable mouthpiece to perform on.

Shown to the right is our standard 'Historic' Cornet mouthpiece blank, which is modelled on a French design approx. late 1800s. We can produce this style blank with most of our current Cup and Rim designs. Just get in touch with the desired model so we can make sure it's suitable for the Historic blank.

If you wish to replicate an existing mouthpiece we can also machine a custom blank, which looks near identical* on the outside yet has a modern rim and cup/backbore design.

*Please note, When copying your own historic mouthpiece, It may be necessary to alter the overall width of the external form to allow a modern wider rim. Due to many Historic pieces having very thin rims, it is not always possible to 100% perfectly replicate the original look whilst using modern internal designs.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

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