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Experience Handcrafted Tradition with Historic Design Mouthpieces:

historic antique cornet mouthpiece blank form custom made in england
coming soon mpcs 2.jpg

If you play a historic instrument but find period mouthpieces uncomfortable, we have the solution. Our historic design mouthpieces seamlessly blend the aesthetics of a period look with the comfort of modern design.

Displayed on the right is our standard 'Historic' Cornet mouthpiece blank, inspired by a French design from the late 1800s. This style blank can be crafted with most of our current Cup and Rim designs. Reach out with your preferred model to ensure compatibility with the Historic blank.

Every mouthpiece is meticulously handcrafted, stamped, and finished by me from start to finish. Experience the perfect harmony of comfort and tradition for your playing. Get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

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