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At Robinson Brass we take pride in offering a tailor made experience to any musician demanding custom designed mouthpieces to fit their needs.

As our mouthpieces are designed, developed, machined, hand polished and finished in-house, we ensure every step is of the highest standard. The only step we don't currently complete in-house is the plating!



Screw-Rim / Top / Backbore

screw rim conversion trumpet mouthpiece

-Already have a mouthpiece you love for the rim? But you much prefer the cup/backbore (underpart) of another?

The answer is screw-rim conversions. We can take your two donor mouthpieces and carefully machine and thread them to our standard Robinson Thread.

This allows you to experiment and mix & match various Rims and Underparts to suit your needs!

-Any future Rims/Underparts converted will be interchangable with any other Robinson Thread mouthpiece.

-Need more combinations? We can also thread the backbore/cup to a "WARBURTON" thread.

Screw-rim, Screw Top & Backbore threading conversions start at just £35 for each part. Get in touch today.

Reeves Sleeves Conversion trumpet mouthpiece warburton shanks

"Reeves Sleeves" Conversion

-The clever design by Bob Reeves for interchageable sleeves which alter the mouthpiece "gap".

-We can take your Trumpet mouthpiece or backbore and cut the shank to accept original "Reeves Sleeves".

-Conversions include a free shank protector which can also be purchased seperately from the online shop.

-£35 per conversion. Get in touch today.


-The smallest of changes to a mouthpiece can make a big difference to the experienced player and unfortunately sometimes that means a pre-existing mouthpiece on the market may suit you well but doesn't quite fit you perfectly. This is where custom made mouthpieces or modifying comes into play.

-Working closely with you to examine your current/favourite piece and discussing your playing situations and styles, what feels right or wrong and any direct changes you'd like to make.

-All custom pieces are designed around our own Robinson 'Blank' however the overall weight can be adjusted if a lighter or heavier blank is requested.


-A copy is requested when you've already found 'the one' special mouthpiece that you love and wish to have an exact replica. Usually this is requested when slight changes are desired, however, a copy can be exact either within the body of the standard Robinson 'Blank' or within a body which also mimics the outer form of a mouthpiece. -Coming soon-

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