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Introducing the 'Phoenix' Range:

Discover our latest design, the flagship of the new 'Phoenix' range—a double shepherd crook top action rotary valved Trumpet in Bb. Pictured on the left is the model featuring a red brass bell and tuning slide, nickel valve casings, and a third slide trigger, all complemented by a brushed raw waxed finish.

Versatile and suitable for a wide variety of playing situations, we take pride in continuously improving this design, presenting it as our first 'standard' model.

-10.5mm, 11mm, 11.2mm, 11.5mm Bore (11mm standard)

-German-made valves (Standard, Nickel casing + bronze valve + Nickel slides)

-Finger button inlay choices (Wood, 'Pearl', Stone)

-Lever or plunger waterkeys (Plunger type pictured, left)

-3rd slide trigger (Standard), 1st slide trigger and alternative positions available

-Built to order with many material choices & custom options and finishes

-approx. £2850 (GBP)

-Get in touch to order!

top action rotary valve trumpet Bb raw brass


All 'Phoenix' range instruments are in the TARV configuration (Top Action Rotary Valve) and are designed with the benefits of both Perinet and Rotary configurations.

-'Phoenix' Bb Trumpet

Custom Brass Instruments

Raw brass flugel flugelhorn Bb antique scratched finish custom made

Throughout the years, we've been fortunate to embark on the journey of creating customized instruments for our valued customers. These projects often present unique challenges, requiring us to start the entire design process from scratch, with the ultimate goal of delivering a meticulously crafted and high-quality instrument.

Ranging from TARV Trumpets in several configurations, High quality low priced piston Trumpets for students, Flugelhorns for Jazz/Bigband and Cornets for traditional Brass Band settings. We worked hard to offer the best instruments to your needs.

-Piston & Rotary valve options

-Bell, lead-pipe, tuning slide, valve casing and slide material options

-All custom builds are priced differently so please get in touch!

-Get in touch to discuss your needs

-Custom piston Trumpet/Cornet/Flugelhorns; Approx. £1650 (Raw finish in polished, scratch or "vintage". Silver/lacquer additional cost)

Standard Bb piston trumpet raw polished finish custom made
rimless bell piston trumpet Bb antique finish custom made

At Robinson Brass, our expertise extends beyond crafting custom instruments from the ground up; we also specialize in modifying instruments provided by our customers.

Whether you seek light modifications like new waterkeys, pinky hooks, and bracing, or extensive changes such as a new bell, lead-pipe, or even a 'Dizzy' bell bend, we've got you covered.

All modifications are priced per request, ensuring personalized solutions tailored to your needs. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the options available for your instrument.

Bb custom made cornet antique raw brass finish with trigger

-'Dizzy' Trumpet, Mod. B&M Champion Donor

       (Mixed Vintage finish)

-Standard Trumpet (Raw Brass Polished)

-'Classique' TARV Trumpet (Clear Lacquer)

-Standard Bb Cornet (Vintage finish)

-'Rimless' Bell Trumpet (Custom)

-Standard Flugelhorn (Vintage finish)

dizzy gilespie style bent bell trumpet conversion Bb polished and antique finish
top action totary trumpet classical polished clear lacquer Bb
dizzy gilespie style bent bell trumpet in antique raw finish Bb

-'Dizzy' Mod. Blessing Scholastic Donor

         (Vintage finish)

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