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In 2010, Daniel Robinson's fascination with vintage Cornets ignited a journey of passion and dedication. Frequently rescuing these treasures from less-than-ideal conditions, Daniel's interest evolved into a fervor for instrument repairs. Through experimentation and research, basic repairs paved the way for a more ambitious endeavor.

The year 2014 marked a significant milestone for Robinson Brass. 'The Rotary,' our first full instrument, emerged from Daniel's workshop, commissioned by a good friend. This initial creation became a learning ground, paving the way for several revisions in the years that followed.

Operating from a small workshop in Yeovil Somerset, Daniel is the driving force behind Robinson Brass. He brings not only a dedication to crafting high-quality instruments and in-house production of mouthpieces but also a wealth of expertise in machining and tool making. This knowledge allows him to create parts that may no longer be available, as well as craft custom tools to assist and enhance the repair process, providing unique solutions tailored to each instance. This commitment reflects a dedication to excellence.


We draw inspiration from the positive feedback of our customers, whose satisfaction fuels our motivation as we look ahead to the continued success of Robinson Brass.

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