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robinson brass workshop yeovil somerset made in england craftsman handcrafted


Initially the journey began around 2010, When Daniel Robinson found a keen interest in vintage/antique Cornets. As many of them would be in less than ideal condition, often purchased from online auction sites, It was apparent that the capability to carry out repairs would be very advantageous.

Through experimenting and research, a collection of tools and knowledge grew until basic repairs made way for the next step in this new found interest..

2014 was an important year, and became a big step towards what has now become Robinson Brass.

The first full instrument, a top action rotary valved Trumpet, commissioned by a good friend was completed in It's initial form. A lot was learnt from the design and build process that ultimately lead to several revisions in the years since but after the first instrument was completed and playable a new career goal was discovered.

During the period following the completion of 'The Rotary', as It fondly became nicknamed, Robinson Brass became the sole focus and full time occupation.

Daniel Robinson, working alone in a small workshop located in Yeovil Somerset, dedicates his efforts to producing high quality instruments & mouthpieces, of which the latter being made entirely in-house.

It is our future goal to produce high quality brass instruments entirely in-house from receiver, valves and through to the bell and it is the positive feedback from our customers that fuels our motivation and vision forward into the future.

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