Schilke Eb Soprano Leadpipe

Schilke Eb Soprano Leadpipe

It is often the case that over the years of use, Schilke Soprano Cornets suffer from brittle and crumbly leadpipe shanks. Often repair technicians will simply cut off the rotten end which slows down further damage however shortens the overall length.


  • Our replacement shank is machined from one piece of solid brass, not tubing.
  • Hand machined 'nipples' soldered for gripping the shank, also available without as a more modern sleek design (drop down menu)
  • Heavier construction and much more durable, yet as light as the original.
  • Simply engraved with an 'R' and model number, then silver plated. Custom Initials engraving possible at small cost. (Please contact)


Replacement shanks can be made custom order for any instrument. Please get in touch to discuss this with us.


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