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Denis Wick 3AL (Custom)

Denis Wick 3AL (Custom)

This is a Denis Wick 3AL mouthpiece that has had a slight modification.

  • Outer rim edge softened with a slightly more rounded face.
  • Inner "bite" slightly softened


Please get in touch if you'd like to visit to play-test this mouthpiece!


Please note the condition of this mouthpiece;

This piece was modified and replated in Silver. There are small dings/scars on the outside of the piece and shank however the playing face/rim is pristine due to the modification process.


The original details of the piece are;


Diameter: 40.00mm
Cup Diameter: 26.40mm
Rim Width: 6.80mm
Bore Size: 7.38mm
Back Bore: Barrel

Large bore trombone. Wider rim and easy response for young bass trombonists. Excellent for strong Euphonium players.

Originally designed for beginner bass trombonists. Preferred by some euphonium players.

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