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Trumpet Mouthpieces

coming soon mpcs 2.jpg

Our Trumpet models are currently being designed and are not yet available for sale. Check back for updates or follow us on Facebook for the latest details.


-Our Trumpet mouthpieces will provide you with the support and comfort needed even in the most demanding playing conditions. Our range consists of shallow lead pieces through to deeper symphonic cups and backbores to suit a range of musicians and tones.

-The outer design, often known as the 'blank', has been designed not only in a sleek, modern form, but to ensure weight is positioned surrounding the throat through to the backbore taper. This however should not be confused with 'heavy' mouthpieces, but rather as a more efficient blank design.

-Variations in rim shape allow for optimum comfort and support depending on the individual musician.

-Special material options are available (Bronze)

-As with any mouthpiece, we can work with you to create a truly custom piece to fit your requirements. Please get in touch to discuss any custom work.

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