Robinson Plasti-mutes

Robinson Plasti-mutes

Soon to be available for pre-order


The all-new Robinson Straight Plasti-mute designed and produced in England.


-Using modern 3D printing processes each mute takes many hours to produce. They are then carefully checked before cork is applied.

-Designed fully in-house meaning at all times start to end we have full control over the product in every detail.

-Sleek and unique body design not just for looks but adjusted to get the sound we feel this mute is perfect for.

-Light, quiet & warm intimate sound.


-STRAIGHT (Trumpet/Cornet)-


-Suitable for most standard bell Bb Trumpets & Cornets.


-STRAIGHT (Eb/D/Small Bells)-


-Suitable for Eb Trumpet/Cornet, some D Trumpets and Smaller bell instruments of this size.

-Adjusted design to better suit the higher pitched instrument.




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