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Cornet Mouthpieces

As a Cornet player I continue to design and develop pieces to suit the differing needs of the individual brass band musician. Our flagship model; the Robinson No.2 is designed for just that, a Principle or Solo player whom requires a sweet wide tone with the support to project and remain confident in the upper registers. Click below to view more detail)


-Our Cornet mouthpieces will help you achieve the cleanest traditional brass band sound.

-The outer design, often known as the 'blank', has been designed not only in a sleek, modern form, but to ensure weight is positioned surrounding the throat through to the backbore taper. This however should not be confused with 'heavy' mouthpieces, but rather as a more efficient blank design.

-Variations in rim shape allow for optimum comfort and support depending on the individual musician.

-Special material options are available (Bronze)

-As with any mouthpiece, we can work with you to create a truly custom piece to fit your requirements. Please get in touch to discuss any custom work.

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