Mouthpiece Restoration

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-Older or antique mouthpieces have often been well used and damaged over the years but this can be repaired.

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-Worn or heavily damaged shanks can often be saved by careful reshaping, however sometimes it is necessary to machine a new shank sleeve which is a copy in size and taper to the original as close as possible. (Shown right)

-An impression is taken of the rim contour/profile and is closely used throughout the repair process where precise hand cutting of the rims takes place.

Using the impression ensures the original rim shape does not change.

Some mouthpiece repairs often only involve sanding or buffing the rims which often results in a change in dimension and contour.

Buffed Farr 3.JPG
farr 2.JPG

-Minimal sanding and buffing to the outside shape of the mouthpiece to prevent excessive material removal

Some deeper dents may remain on the outer surface however are less noticeable after plating.

-Shown right; A thick fresh coat of Silver plate is applied to bring the mouthpieces back to a confortable and durable condition.

Farr Silver 2.JPG
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-Perfect condition rims, accurate to their original form.

Now in comfortable playing condition for many more years of use.

-Get in touch today to discuss restoring your mouthpiece